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Grow your business with Email Marketing

Send personalized, scripted, and effective email marketing campaigns! Use our developed infrastructure to get high inbox rates.

Services That We Offer

We provide PowerMTA SMTP servers which are the industry’s top-class Mail Transfer Agent that is used by many top email service providers including MailChimp. This bulk mail server has a very advanced configuration that helps you to manage millions of emails per day.


Cold Email Marketing

We provide a dedicated SMTP server to deliver cold emails.

Bulk Email Marketing

We Provide fully ready and managed Bulk / Mass mailing SMTP Server, The SMTP Comes with Web based Email Marketing Application also Multiple IP Auto Rotation System.

Installation Services

If you have your own VPS or Dedicated server then we will install & configure PowerMTA SMTP software on your server.


How does it work?

This email server setup is a combination of web application (Front-end) and email server (SMTP server).

  • SMTP (Server for sending emails)
  • Web application (for managing contacts, template, campaigns, and show statistics )
  • Complete DNS Settings (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, RDNS).
  • Rotation of multiple IPs
  • Exceptional Inboxing rate
  • Will provide IP warm-up guides
  • Exceptional Inboxing rate
  • Send secure emails with standard SSL/TLS certificate for each SMTP server.

With a domain, Cloud hosting, Additional IP, Email Marketing Application, and SMTP credentials.

We will provide one web application (Front-end) with a domain and this front-end will be connected with your email server for sending emails.

Through this web application (Front-end) you can send upload/manage your contact lists, create/send your email campaigns and check the statistics, like who opened/clicked your email and, etc.

This is a complete Email Marketing solution and you will not need any other 3rd party application, software, or service apart from this setup.


Cold Plans


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Bulk Plans


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Bulk Plans 2.0


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Before order Installation Services package please contact us

Basic Package Requirements:
You have to purchase one VPS, one sending domain, and 5 additional IPs for IP rotation. VPS configuration : OS – CentOS 7 64 bit minimum 4GB RAM, 40GB Space.

Standard Package Requirements:
You have to purchase 3 VPS, 3 sending domains, and 10 additional IPs for each VPS server. VPS configuration : OS – CentOS 7 64 bit minimum 8GB RAM, 40GB Space.

Premium Package Requirements:
You have to purchase 12 VPS, 12 sending domains, and 10 additional IPs for each VPS server. VPS configuration: One Dedicated server and 12 VPS servers. OS – CentOS 7 64 bit minimum 4GB RAM, 40GB Space.


Why Choose Empire Smtp

We provide a separate main server for email applications and databases and connect this application server with multiple SMTP servers. In that way, your data will safe and you just need to change the fresh SMTP server in case of blacklisting or suspension of your servers.
Our Method
SMTP will automatically warm up your IPs by adjusting the sending speeds in the server on a daily basis at 12 AM.
Auto IP warming
Our method of sending bulk emails allows adding multiple SMTP servers with multiple IPs with rotation. Thus your campaign will shoot with multiple rotating SMTP servers. In that way, your message will deliver to your inbox effectively.
Multiple SMTP
The contact list is a representation of your subscribers, contacts, user’s data.
Lists Management
Our SMTP servers are fully configured with multiple IP rotation. It means your emails will be out with different IP each time. By this configuration, your server IP will be more safe from blacklisting.
Multiple IPs Rotation
You can create a nice responsive HTML template with the help of our in-build Drag & Drop builder.
Drag & Drop Builder
The segment is a filter or categorization, you can create different sub-list or filters based on multiple criteria.
Email Segmentation
Drips are the automated sets of emails that go out based on a specific timeline or user actions.
Drip Mailing
At the confirmation stage, you can select the conditions for the autoresponder as per your requirement
All the email create via our email template builder will be responsive and mobile-friendly.
Responsive Emails
While sending the campaign you can select the date/time with the help of ‘Send At’ field.
Email Scheduling
Create personalized tags with the help of custom fields in your contact list data.
Personalized Tags
Any hard bounce ID marked as ‘Blacklisted’ won’t receive any further emails from you.
Bounce Handling
When someone will open or click any email, the system will capture the user’s IPs and show you the geographic location.
Geo Location Tracking
Any unsubscribd ID marked as ‘Unsubscribe’ and won’t receive any further emails from you.
Unsubscribe Handling
You can use the dynamic tags in your email content or in your subject line for creating personalized emails.
Personalized Emails
While sending the email campaigns you can enable or disable the email’s Open or URL tracking.
Open & Link Click Tracking
Trigger your campaign at any future date/time. i.e Next day/week/month, any date/time.
Email Automation, Triggers


What Our Clients Are Saying

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Creating a support ticket


Sending unlimited emails using our/own email marketing service delivers high inbox delivery, Cheap mass email service is
reliable with high uptime and customer support.


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Data Disclaimer

we are committed to the security and protection of your data. You reserve the underlying right to the data you use for campaigns.
Should you delete the data from your account, it will be permanently deleted from our servers. Any third party, in any case, would not be able to access your data once it is deleted.

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